memory archive – day 27

Today, our good old spice racks have to go. I got those when we were living in London, probably from a pound shop or maybe Argos (British catalogue retailer). I never liked them but, as we were living in a small London flat and were running out of space, we needed a quick and space saving solution for all our spice containers. A vertical stacking method seemed just right at the time. 

Sorting out the containers today and looking at the empty spice racks, they reminded me of a metal clad high-rise building – a bit cold and soulless. I also noticed that I don’t really use about two-thirds of the spices anymore. It’s much more about Japanese seasoning now – soy sauce, mirin (a sort of rice wine), sake, sugar, dashi (Japanese stock), seasame seeds and shichimi (Japanese spice mixture). I think I’ve adapted now.

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