some thoughts on life in Hong Kong

Same idea as some thoughts on life in Japan but here I am collating thoughts about my current home Hong Kong. This could be anything related to Hong Kong’s culture and everyday life that I’m finding worth sharing.

Hong Kong’s yards

I have to admit that even though I moved to Hong Kong 6 months ago, I haven’t been able to go and explores the city much. Due to the ongoing school closures there hasn’t been much spare time on my hands. The one exception was that one day in November (which happened to be the day before schools were told to shut down again after only two months of allowing kids on campus). A friend had suggested to go to Sheung Wan to visit some galleries, followed by a typical yum cha lunch. It was the first time I could just wonder through streets and little alleyways without nagging kids trying to drag me in all sorts of directions. During a previous short trip to Hong Kong I had noticed the street art that is scattered across central Hong Kong, however, at that point I hadn’t been looking (yet) for the little green and quiet spaces that I so admired when walking through Tokyo’s streets. During that wander through Sheung Wan, I stumbled across below, peaceful courtyard and decided to add a picture here whenever I discover a new one worth sharing, just as I had done with the little Tokyo front gardens that play such a big role in the city’s urban landscape.

Sheung Wan courtyard