Hello. My name is Nina. I am originally from Germany. At the moment I’m living in Tokyo with my partner and our two, young children. It’s been nearly three years since we’ve moved here and, from the beginning, I’ve been fascinated by the Japanese culture – in particular its design aesthetics. I adore the simplicity and minimalism that you can encounter in everything here – may this be Japanese architecture and interior design, the sense of fashion, the design of utilitarian everyday objects or even the way meals are served. The attention that is often put here into even the smallest detail is one of a kind and I have become more and more influenced by the Japanese way of doing things.

Even prior to moving to Japan I’ve been fond of simple, minimalistic designs and, for many years now, I have been aiming to apply this concept to my own home. I really do believe in the trend of decluttering your immediate surroundings; keeping only the necessary or most beloved items in your home for more clarity in your life and an overall better wellbeing. The Japanese aesthetics I am encountering here on a daily basis, have only enforced this interest.
I started this blog to collate any thoughts and feelings I have about (Japanese) minimalism in everyday life and to track my personal progress in creating a more simple and peaceful home for me and my family.
If you’ll find your way to my site, I do hope you enjoy reading it!

October 2020. Update — With a heavy heart we left Japan at the beginning of July this year and moved to Hong Kong. Frankly, I wouldn’t advise anyone moving countries during a global pandemic. Unsurprisingly feeling settled and making new friends is taking a lot longer when most social interactions that were not that long ago taken for granted are limited if not completely banned. In our case, we couldn’t postpone the move, so here we are now. Saying all that, we decided to live on the Southside of Hong Kong Island which is by far not the worst place to be when being advised to follow social distancing in Hong Kong. Even though I miss my Japanese life terribly, I am planning to embrace this new adventure. Once feeling more settled, I am going to start writing again. About life in Asia, tranquil and hidden spaces of Hong Kong (many I have yet to discover) and my goal to live a more simple life.