declutter your memories – an archive

IMG_6473Katazukete is Japanese and means tidy up! when you translate it at first. The infinitive of this verb is katazukeru and, when you look into this a bit closer, you find out that this word can have a myriad of meanings, amongst them to tidy up, as already mentioned, to to put in orderto settle (a problem) and even to bring something to an end. Only recently I found out from a Japanese friend that it is also used to describe the verb to declutter, so the act of getting rid of items within your own four walls that are no longer (or never have been) of any particular value and are nowadays merely taking up space.  Continue reading “declutter your memories – an archive”

memory archive — day 95

We are moving! Not voluntarily, we’ve rather been asked to leave as they will tear down the house. I’m in non-stop decluttering mode; hard work. And, obviously, my method of writing down a sentence or two about the items you find hard to depart with, doesn’t work too well when there is not much time to write. I still aim to write down the memories of some though, such as of those tins. Continue reading “memory archive — day 95”

memory archive — day 93

I don’t know how many pairs of those we have owned since moving to Japan. Both kids plus myself don’t tend to keep good enough care of them I feel as we never manage to keep them clean and without cracked soles for very long. When you search online or in a store for indoor shoes in Japan you will immediately come across this style. Continue reading “memory archive — day 93”

memory archive — day 92

It’s been nearly three months that we went to Rainbow Disco Club in Higashi-Izu. I have written before about the memory of keeping every single concert and festival ticket/wristband when I was much younger. So I won’t be talking about this past habit again. There is, however, a different memory attached to this particular music festival. Continue reading “memory archive — day 92”

memory archive — day 90

For well over a year now my daughter has have lost interest in dressing up in princess dresses. For sentimental reasons I’ve been holding on to them but she has clearly moved on from that stage so the dresses are being passed on. When she was a toddler we tried to keep her away from too much pink, frills and glitter. Of course, that didn’t work but we were fine with it. Continue reading “memory archive — day 90”

memory archive — day 89

This clock has been part of the household for a long time (when I moved in, it was already there). Initially still being used as a regular clock, diligently turning over the months and date flaps, we had to acknowledge after a while that it was in need of way too many batteries. So it went dormant, turning into a decorative piece on top of the fridge. To make sure it still had some sort of meaning, we turned the month, date and day flaps to birthdays of family members, a sort of ongoing celebration of those dates, I guess. A recent fridge climbing attempt of our daughter, however, resulted in a fall of the clock which broke the city flaps. It was the cue that it was probably time to let go of this dust collector.