memory archive – day 26


There is a certain cabinet drawer in our living room that is stuffed full with cards  – that is Christmas cards, Birthday cards and Japanese New Year cards (nengajo). There are so many now that I know they have to go. To make the process easier, I decided to get rid of the cards gradually. 

I think I’m hoarding greeting cards for two, main reasons:

a) These cards are directly attached to yearly events that carry a certain emotional value and I have fond memories of. Furthermore, the cards are sent by family and friends that are mostly living far away and we have only limited contact with as it is. I feel that by not keeping their yearly cards, I’m slowly letting go of the friendships. I know that this isn’t true but I cannot change this feeling of guilt  for some reason.

b) I love nice stationary. Throwing away a well designed card made out of a beautiful paper stock just doesn’t feel right.

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