memory archive — day 80

I believe I don’t know anyone who is into minimalistic design but isn’t a fan of the Japanese brand Muji. When moving to Japan, I was excited to go and see the brand’s flagship store, having only known a relatively small version in London (that was back four years ago). Actually, my first outing on my own in Tokyo, back then with baby in tow, was a 40 minutes walk to the Muji Concept Store in Aoyama — a big thing as, at that time, I hadn’t really been outside of our neighbourhood yet. Continue reading “memory archive — day 80”

memory archive – day 9.1


The memory archive has been on pause for five days. As I said in my previous post, I have to stick to my principles and make up for it. For the coming five days, I will therefore pick two items per day.
I’ll start off again with a major object that has been invading our living room.
It’s a pretty big outdoor, plastic play slide that was a generous gift when our son was a baby. It never looked nice in our living room  but our kids and anyone visiting us under the age of 7 loved it instantly. We’ve owned it for three years now which definitely feels long enough. To avoid any tears and desperate pleads for keeping it I will get rid of it secretly when the kids are at school.

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