Celebrations or the lack thereof

Having moved to Hong Kong during the pandemic meant that we sadly missed out on the city‘s main cultural events such as the spectacular dragon and lion dances and lantern displays for the Mid-Autumn festival, the Chinese New Year fireworks, parades and flower markets or the famous dragon boat races in the summer. One after another of those events got cancelled which made it difficult to really gain an understanding and appreciation of Hong Kong‘s culture.

During our time in ‚pre-pandemic‘ Japan, we went to local summer matsuri or bon-odori festivals regularly. Besides being good fun, those festivals were an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the country‘s culture, leaving a lasting impression much more than, let‘s say, a visit to a museum ever would.

Even without participating in any events though, I will remember making and eating mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival and taking the kids to the beach with little lanterns and glow in the dark sticks. Or figuring out our whole family‘s zodiac animal signs and listening to traditional songs at home during Chinese New Year that the kids were introduced to in online class by their teachers.

One of those songs is Gong Xi Gong Xi. It is so catchy that I decided to learn and record it once we’ve settled down after our move and I’ve got my piano back. I am confident that listening to the recording will always evoke memories of our two years spent in HK even so many days of those were spent at home.