memory archive – a quiet break

As I haven’t had time the past few days to write about any recently abandoned objects, I decided to add something new to my site some thoughts on finding peacefulness . It’s about my recent stay at the House of Light, a secluded place, in the midst of Japanese nature. It’s minimalistic architecture to the core – hardly achievable (and desirable) for one’s own home, however, staying in such a thought-through, stripped-back space, confirmed to me once again how an empty space can calm your mind. You can read a bit more about the house and my stay there here.


memory archive – day 64


With school holidays and visitors in town I haven’t had a proper chance within the last week to sort out many things. To keep up the momentum of my decluttering project, I’ve been throwing out at least some little bits and bobs each day; nothing major to write about though except for the above. A kids’ guitar, holding some fond and not so fond memories.  Continue reading “memory archive – day 64”

memory archive – day 63


Up to know I’ve been clearing out a lot of kids stuff and other miscellaneous items. I know that I’ve been guilty of avoiding my own personal belongings; that’s the harder bit when you are decluttering. So today I decided to tackle my own wardrobe. Clothes are supposed to be easy items for discarding; I disagree. Continue reading “memory archive – day 63”

memory archive – day 62

FullSizeRender (3)

When you live in a big city like Tokyo, you constantly see people come and go. I stopped counting how many friends whom I’ve met here in Japan, I already had to say good-bye to. Somehow you get used to it after a while even though each good-bye is still pretty difficult. So how is this connected to the above tiger camping chair?  Continue reading “memory archive – day 62”