memory archive — day 87

Despite people believing the opposite, I am not a crafty person. Exactly three times per year, I do a crafts activity with the kids: At the very start of the long summer break and for their birthday parties. On the few occasions we manage to make something, I am extremely pleased with myself, more so than the kids who did it (mostly, as I am a little bit of a perfectionist). And this makes me keep our rare crafts projects far longer than anyone even bothers looking at them. For example, this egg carton aquarium was displayed at random locations within the house for 1.5 years.

As much as I’ve gotten used to throwing out clutter by now, I still make sure I re-use parts if possible. So the shells of the aquarium have been kept, naturally.

memory archive – day 51


For a few years now my daughter has been spending lots of time on crafts related to geography at her school. She’s been very happy colouring in lots of different country flags or cutting out the shapes of continents, creating a complete globe out of those. She’s also participated in many culture days which are extremly common due to the International environment she’s growing up in.  Continue reading “memory archive – day 51”

memory archive – day 12.2


Look what else I found on the top of the fridge – this poor, little fellow. It’s another gem from my son’s previous daycare. Who would be cruel enough to throw him away!? I had to ask my partner to do this on my behalf and I better finish this post quickly before I change my mind and retrieve the golfball snowman from its grave.