Tokyo archive 07

I don‘t think I ever tried umeshu (梅酒/plum wine) before moving to Japan. It is so tasty that I just have to add it to this archive. I realise that I’ve been mainly writing about food and drink items but it makes sense to me as eating and drinking has been playing such a big role during my 5+ years living in Tokyo. Umeshu has become one of my favourite liquors to start the evening with when eating out at a Japanese restaurant. I love the golden colour of the drink and the sweet and slightly sour taste. Umeshu is either served one the rocks (ロック) or mixed with soda (梅酒ソーダ), both versions equally good. Many Japanese make the drink themselves at home and there are make-your-own kits that you can easily buy when the plums are in season. I am sure that a glass of umeshu will always remind me of the many evenings spent at some of Tokyo’s plenty izakayas or yakitori joints.

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