memory archive — day 99

We are on our annual trip to Europe, which gives me more time, and no excuse, (not) to write a little bit. As this will be the second last post before I’ll reach my set goal of 100, I had to chose from many items that I discarded in the past months, which one I wanted to write about. Rather than picking one that I’d see lying around on a daily basis, I decided to write about the items that are, usually, out of side, hidden in drawers or, in this case, stuffed inside bathroom cabinets.Considering that we are, touch wood, not sick too often, I was astonished to see how much medication we had accumulated over the years. I’d say well over 90 percent of the pills, tablets, syrups etc were well past their expiry date. What a waste, I thought, when discarding all those meds, however, there was really no point keeping any. Besides antibiotics and some other drugs for which you are given exactly the amount you are supposed to take, there is hardly ever any choice of how much you’d like to purchase of a particular drug or homeopathic remedy, thus you end up with way more than you’d ever require within the expiry date. I can positively say that I’ve thrown away more medicine than I’ve ever taken so far in my life. Trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, thisw does genuinely bother me.