memory archive — day 95

We are moving! Not voluntarily, we’ve rather been asked to leave as they will tear down the house. I’m in non-stop decluttering mode; hard work. And, obviously, my method of writing down a sentence or two about the items you find hard to depart with, doesn’t work too well when there is not much time to write. I still aim to write down the memories of some though, such as of those tins.Miss Hokus’ Quick Cooking Oats — what a nice design. I think my partner saw those standing out in a supermarket aisle some years ago. He started collecting them to, one day, do something arty with them — Andy Warhol style. The plan never came to fruition though. They were part of our infamous on-top-of-the-fridge-dust-collector collection and didn’t survive the kitchen declutter round.

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