memory archive — day 92

It’s been nearly three months that we went to Rainbow Disco Club in Higashi-Izu. I have written before about the memory of keeping every single concert and festival ticket/wristband when I was much younger. So I won’t be talking about this past habit again. There is, however, a different memory attached to this particular music festival.It was a first in two ways. It was the first time we went to the festival after hearing and reading about it a lot. It was also the first time that we took the kids to a festival and went camping as a family. I have to admit, the camping was mainly liked by the kids not so much us adults as it turned out to be a quite chilly weekend. The festival in itself was brilliant though; a perfect combination of music and dancing, nature and kids activities. It proved to me once again how much I love going to music festivals. By taking the kids along at an early age I am hoping to instil the same passion in them. Let’s see.

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