memory archive — day 88

As I’ve mentioned many times, I am longing for a complete clutter free home. It is a challenge, for some rooms in the house more so than for others. The kitchen is a good example for one of the more difficult rooms. A space with nearly never–ending activity; it is the perfect space for clutter to pile up. I am not sure you can officially call food ‘clutter’, however, I feel if it ends up not being eaten and just taking up space, I can refer to it as just that.I bought those innocent looking ‘beans’ at a hiking trip last year in November. We started at Mt Mitake, went via Mount Otaka and Mount Nokogiri, finishing after about 6 hours in Okutama village. We did the hike ‘anti-clockwise’, which made us dodge the Tokyo crowds visiting those mountains on weekends. The beans were advertised as spicy, which I thought didn’t mean really spicy as it’s Japan. Well, I was wrong. They gave me stomach aches and I am usually absolutely fine with spicy snacks. I kept the container for a long time in the kitchen, as they reminded me of that special day of hiking. Only after months and during one of those moments trying to clear the kitchen space, did I realise that this snack was a perfect candidate for my blog!

If you are interested in reading about this particular hike, you can do so here.

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