memory archive — day 84

Today I’d like to add two items that don’t hold much of a memory at all, rather the opposite. After all most of the clutter people live with fall under this category, I suppose. I found those on top of the bedroom cupboard, covered in dust and completely forgotten. The bag had already started to disintegrate — I only partly blame this on age. Another key reason, I feel, is the extreme conditions of Japanese climate that the bag was exposed to in our hardly heated or cooled bedroom: total dryness in winter vs a very humid and hot summer.

The denim cut-offs left me a bit speechless. No one in the family is any good with crafts, however, keeping small pieces of fabric would only make sense if you were thinking of making anything out of those. For once I can point my finger at another family member though as I am not the one who kept the cut-offs; that I really wouldn’t have even considered.

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