memory archive — day 78

FINALLY, I am in the right frame of mind to start decluttering (and thus writing) again. I did a big tidy-up yesterday to get the house ready for a birthday party and this made me realise again how much happier and relaxed I feel when my home looks in order and things are cleared away.

To kick-off the countdown to 100 items (well, that’s my current goal as it feels achievable), I decided to say goodbye to a pair of craft turtles that I kept as I initially thought those were extremely cute.These turtles were a big hit with kids when we went to an event in the neighbourhood five months ago. Ironically, the event was the local Eco-fair. I am pretty sure the organisers didn’t intend to point out the major issue of dumped plastic killing all sorts of marine life to the kids but were rather suggesting that taking a turtle for a walk with a plastic leach wrapped around its neck is a fun concept. Having actually seen people in Tokyo taking their turtles for outings to the park, the irony of it all didn’t occur to me at first either…

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