memory archive — day 77

Summer holidays are upon us and I’ve been struggling to keep up with my ambitious project of discarding and posting every day. I’m not giving up quite yet though as I’m still having high hopes for achieving my clutter-free home eventually.

I have to apologise for, yet again, posting a story about a kids’ toy but I like the little story behind this one too much for not including it here.

This is a plastic microphone. It works without any batteries but is still very effective. It was included with one of the kids’ boxes when we ordered sushi a few months ago. I wonder who on earth at this place had the idea to include a microphone. A parent hater? Of course the kids have been loving this item and even on the several occasions that I have been hiding it, they managed to find it over and over again. It’s finally broken now so I will secretly discard it. Since the delivery back then, I found out that you can order the kids’ box sans toy. I have been telling my kids a lie since that discovery: The sushi people no longer include a toy with the box as they care for the environment too much…

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