memory archive – day 73

FullSizeRender (3) copy 5

I have to admit, lately I haven’t put enough time aside for my blog. I am determined though to keep on going with my project of collating memories through the act of decluttering.

Today’s objects are three kami fusen, Japanese paper balloons. These balloons are a popular, traditional, children’s toy but, as they come in so many colours and variations, are also used as a decorative item. 

As with so many Japanese craft items, I adore the balloons’ simplicity. They are also fun to play with. Even though they have an open hole in them, they won’t deflate easily. Technically, they are made to last for a while, sadly not in our household since they aren’t quite strong enough to withstand games like poison ball and the likes.

If you are interested to find out a bit more about kami fusen, you can click here.

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