memory archive — day 70

Summer is upon us, so I thought it was a good time to sell the baby paddling pool that we’ve had in storage for a few years now. The memory of it are my son’s first hospital visit in Japan (when he slipped inside the pool and banged his head on a sharp edge) and realising that our garden isn’t the best place to hang out in a paddling pool as it’s infested by mosquitoes. Besides these, not so glorious, memories, getting rid of the pool made me reflect about seasons in Japan. 

Up to now, we’ve had some pretty warm days here in Tokyo already. By warm I mean temperatures that you’d hardly ever reach in, let’s say, a place like London. Nevertheless, swimming season hasn’t started yet in Tokyo. After sakura season and Golden Week, everyone is currently preparing for the rainy season or  tsuyu. This season usually lasts from mid-June or so into early July, however, I heard that this year everyone is expecting the rain to come earlier. In the weeks leading up to tsuyu, you can find rainy season items everywhere – from rain boots, large-size umbrellas and rain jackets/pants, to dehumidifiers for your home. Rainy season doesn’t mean that it will rain every day though. There will be hot and sunny days. Days when you just wish a pool would be open. The strict rule however is that pools only open once the rainy season is over, so sometime in early July and there are no exceptions to the rule. Writing this post right now makes me wonder whether I should have sold the paddling pool…

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