memory archive – day 66.1


Only recently my partner and I went to see the NHK Symphony Orchestra,Tokyo playing at the Suntory Hall in Akasaka. We’d been meaning to go to a classical concert for a long time, so I was excited when my partner managed to get hold of some tickets. The orchestra was conducted by the 90-year old (!) Herbert Blomstedt and played two Beethoven Symphonies (No.8 and the beautiful No.7). I very rarely go to classical concerts, however, whenever I do, I enjoy the calming effect those have on me. 

Even though I’m listening to the music and watch the conductor and musicians, my thoughts drift off frequently and I find myself reflecting on the day or studying the other concert goers. Like the  teenage girl next to me, who was accompanying her mum and grandparents, and dozed off from time to time or the old lady a row ahead of me, who kept rummaging through a plastic bag, completely oblivious to the evil stares she got from the people of the surrounding seats.

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