memory archive — day 65

After a good couple of weeks of having visitors, I’ve finally got some time again to write about my decluttering project. As you can see, I picked a gloopy subject today.

The other day, when I opened a blind in the kids’ room that had been pulled down for a long time, I came across the remains of these gel window cling decorations. They seem to be very popular in Japan as you can see them stuck to many windows of private homes and stores. I got some in the beginning for my daughter as I wasn’t used to windows looking straight onto walls. I think she appreciated that she could add some colour to an otherwise pretty grey view. She got the concept of decorations quickly. My son less so as he kept on taking his off and putting them back on constantly. Needless to say, the few sheets of clings I got for his window never stayed on for long. But back to the above, melting clings. I’m not aware that there is an actual expiry date for them but three years is clearly too long, I know now. When discovering the mess, I made the mistake of not dealing with it straight away, so the kids thought it was a good idea to try and take some of the stickers off the other morning. After trying to stick them onto each others’ arms, my daughter succeeded in rubbing it into my son’s hair. The gel had turned so incredibly gooey that it was impossible to get it out of his hair quickly. We were running late, as usual, so I had only time to half-heartedly comb it out out which resulted in my son sporting a 90s wet look gel fringe at school that day. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of that…

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