memory archive – day 63


Up to know I’ve been clearing out a lot of kids stuff and other miscellaneous items. I know that I’ve been guilty of avoiding my own personal belongings; that’s the harder bit when you are decluttering. So today I decided to tackle my own wardrobe. Clothes are supposed to be easy items for discarding; I disagree. I feel that clothes play a fundamental role when it comes to memorable experiences. I often remember very well what I was wearing at a certain event and even though I might not have been wearing a piece of clothing for years, the memory attached to it makes it difficult  for me to discard it. The above dress I was wearing at just one event (a wedding). It’s such a long time ago that the dress has turned partly yellow. I also cannot remember what attracted me to the dress when buying it – it’s quite eccentric. I do, however, remember why I kept it in my wardrobe for so long. It fitted in my, self-invented, wardrobe category I might be able to wear this again at a fancy dress party sometime. I remember that I felt that this dress would have been fit for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme or something along those lines. Taking this dress out again (it was hiding amongst the many unused clothes which fall within the said category), I thought my argument to keep it was hilarious. Firstly, as my invitations for dress-up parties have over the years decreased drastically and secondly, even in the unlikely event that I was invited to such a party, what are the odds that the theme would be fitting? Thinking about it all, I understand that I’ve invented the might be able to wear it at a fancy dress party category, to avoid dealing with no longer used clothes that have a certain memory attached to it.

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