memory archive – day 62

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When you live in a big city like Tokyo, you constantly see people come and go. I stopped counting how many friends whom I’ve met here in Japan, I already had to say good-bye to. Somehow you get used to it after a while even though each good-bye is still pretty difficult. So how is this connected to the above tiger camping chair? 

When friends and acquaintances leave Japan, they often have a lot of items that they cannot or don’t want to take with them. The stuff that’s of higher value often gets sold in a sayonara sale, all the other items are either given away or are disposed off. I used to have the bad habit of taking anything on that was offered to me, mainly kids items. When making the decision to take it, I didn’t ask myself if I really needed the item but rather asked myself if I might need the item at some point in the future. I also have to admit that I regularly took on items that I didn’t like that much in particular but the thought of it being thrown away, even though it was still perfectly fine, troubled me.

The tiger chair falls a little bit into both of the above categories. Even though we hardly own any camping gear and there aren’t any family camping trips planned in the foreseeable future, I thought we might need this eventually. The design is cute but I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen this chair in a shop.

I found the chair last weekend in our storage room. I had completely forgotten about it and, as the room is packed to the brim, I had just disappeared in there for nearly a year. The next day I managed to find someone who was happy to take it off me and who actually had a good reason for it: The family was about to go on a camping trip.

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