memory archive – day 57.2


Going through the bathroom cupboard, which is stuffed full with more or less needed items, I came across the above cardboard boxes. Ever since I worked on packaging in a previous job, I find it difficult to discard of well-designed, simple boxes and other containers. 

Obviously, I don’t really re-use those, unless I happen to send a parcel to someone which doesn’t occur that frequently. So, beautiful packaging is piling up in several places in the house, just taking up space. The memories of the boxes in the picture are

a) The packaging of a gift from my past colleagues that I was really excited about when receiving it 6.5 (!) years ago, going on maternity leave

b) The packaging of my one and only perfume fragrance.

2 thoughts on “memory archive – day 57.2”

  1. I have a ton of boxes in my house, Mostly I use them to store stuff and then hide them in the attic. I also use them to to ship stuff to family out of state. You just never know when you might need them.

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