memory archive – day 57.1


I haven’t posted anything for three days which doesn’t mean though that my decluttering project has been on hold. In the background I’ve been following through with my one a day (or more) rule, I just haven’t found the time to write about it. I realised that I was being a little too ambitious with my plan to post something on a daily basis so, from now on, I think I stick to writing about my progress a little less frequently.

As per today’s first item, I picked a concert ticket from a gig I went to last night. 

Back in the days when a concert ticket sometimes came close to a piece of art, I kept every single one. I remember that I stuck my favourite ones on the wall in my room and the others went inside a treasured box of all sorts of memorabilia.

About a year ago, when a friend offered us some spare tickets for a concert of a British musician we both liked, my partner and I realised that we missed going to gigs and that we should put in some more effort to check who is coming to Japan and get tickets from time to time . Even though the choice is not as abundant as it was in London, a lot of musicians still decide to come all the way to Tokyo to play. It took some time to figure out the ticketing system in Japan (a lot of smaller gigs work on a lottery-based system, so you have to be quite organised to get hold of those) but my partner can now call himself an expert, I believe.

As mentioned, the above ticket is from last night. We went to Liquidroom in Ebisu (a great place for people watching, by the way) . The German visual artist and musician Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto was playing. It’s electronic music, quite monotone, which I like listening to when it’s live. The show’s visuals were minimal, like Nicolai’s art and, just staring at those and listening to the music was a relaxing way to switch off at the end of a rushed day. Looking around, I thought most people felt just the same.


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