memory archive – day 49

IMG_7099IMG_7101 (1)

From past travel anecdotes back to my current life and more domestic matters: failed children’s indoor gardening projects. 

The top picture was a recent cress project for Easter. My son insisted to put the container in his room. It’s south-facing. I repeatedly told him that the seeds won’t like too much sun but he was stubborn – little seedlings appeared, however, they only lasted about a day. The bottom picture are pots that have been sitting on the window sill since last summer. Lettuce was supposed to grow in those. It never appeared and that wasn’t just due to bad quality soil.

Young children love planting seeds, excited about the prospect of a little plant popping out after a while. If this doesn’t happen within a few days though, they quickly lose interest (and patience). Parents will have to step in and start reminding the child about watering the soil. A few days later, either the parents take over the project completely or leave it up to the child with, usually, the above outcome.

Some people say that watching a child raising a plant is a good indicator whether he or she is ready for the responsibility of having a pet. Definitely no pets for our household yet.

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