memory archive — back on

After a week off, enjoying sakura in Tokyo, I’m back, refreshed and ready to continue with my memory archive — clearing the house by discarding no longer needed items and writing about the memories they hold.

As per my method of one item a day, it is getting easier to part from things. However, in terms of creating my ideal, clean and simple space that I’ve been craving for, so far I’ve only scratched the surface. I realised that it would take me many years to achieve a minimalistic and peaceful home if I continued to discard just one item a day. After having written this blog for two months now, it’s become clear to me that my method is definitely helping with my inability to say goodbye to precious, memorable items, it isn’t enough though to get to the desired simplicity. So, besides picking a special item each day and writing down its story, I’ve been trying to get rid of more things than just one on most days. I know that in order to achieve noticeable results in the near future, I have to become more radical.

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