memory archive – day 42



Recently we received a rather large and bulky envelope in the post addressed to my son. It was the invitation for his health-check up done by the city ward we live in. Besides a long questionnaire to fill out there were instructions included for a hearing and eye test to do at home with your child. For the eye test they’d sent the above mask to check both the left and right eye.

I’m pretty much used to the fact that in Japan you are exposed to cuteness on a daily basis. I often don’t even notice the little mascots and cute illustrations added to communications materials anymore. It has become part of my usual surroundings. There are moments though when something is that kawai that I pay attention again. This mask is a prime example.

PS I used the soft toy – a present for my daughter from visiting friends – as model for the mask to emphasise its cuteness. The unicorn won’t go, just the mask.

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