memory archive – day 40


As I cannot read that many kanji characters, I still buy a lot of things by purely guessing. Alway short on time, I often just cannot bear it to take out my phone, scan a product all over with Google Translate (things are usually covered with information on all sides)  and then take the time to make sense of a, usually, wonky translation. There are also products that I buy just because I find the illustrations hilarious, This one here in the picture is a good example.

I spottet it a few years back during summer in a 100 yen store. It was sitting amongst the cooling products that are sold during the hot & humid season. So I figured, based on its cheesy illustration, that it must be a cooling sheet that men (presumably not just the ones sporting a moustache) can use to keep their neck sweat free or at least smell nice. A perfect joke gift for my salaryman partner (salaryman is a common term for a Japanese white-collar worker or business man).

Today, when I found the item in a drawer, and decided to let it go (the scent of roses will never be tempting to my partner), I put in the effort to finally translate some of the copy with Google Translate. As mentioned above, you often get hilarious, nonsensical translation this way but what it said this time is too good not to share. My apologies in advance if this is a bit childish.
Top line –  Knockout with a sweet smell of sexy director!
Middle – Female employees also nailed to the sweet adult scent!*
Sexy musk scent  – sexy written sekushi (セクシー) in Japanese. How could I not know this before!
So, the target market for this product? Most certainly daydreaming, slightly lonely and oppressed male office workers who wouldn’t mind trying out some office-themed role play. Just my guess.
* This sentence sounds completely inappropriate but, when searching for just the meaning of the verb, it also said transfixed to instead of nailed. Now, it all makes sense…

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