memory archive – day 35.2


This weekend’s second post is about forgotten plants. The dried out one on  the left used to be a succulent. I fell in love with this type of plant when I moved to Tokyo. Little pots of succulents can be found anywhere in private and public life.

They are often displayed as an arrangement of several plants. They are easy to care for and close to indestructible (at least so I thought). You can find many types of them at any plant nursery or shop and commonly even in interior and lifestyle/concept stores.
Quite soon after I noticed this botanical trend of keeping succulents, I started my own little collection. They are all displayed together on one of the windowsills. The fact that these plants store water in their fleshy leaves and branches is that you become very relaxed about watering them. This is what happened to the one that I’m saying good-bye to today. Sadly several weeks without water was too much for it.
PS I’m planning to write some more about the Japanese’s love for indoor plants on some thoughts on life in Japan soon, so please come back and visit my site if you are also interested in this topic.

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