memory archive – day 33

FullSizeRender (2)

This is an image taken from the self-exam sheet that you receive when you renew your driving licence in Japan. It was my partner who had to do the renewal and before disposing of the examination sheet, I asked him if I could add it to the memory archive. For a foreigner living in Japan and who doesn’t speak much Japanese the renewal process is hilarious, I think. 

The reason is that you have to sit down for a 2 hour lecture whether you speak Japanese or not. You are not allowed to get distracted, so mobile phones need to stay in your bag. A lot of foreigners have no clue what is being told to them but they nevertheless have to pretend they do. Two hours is a long time for doing that. The self exam sheet (see below pic) is for every participant to take home and do at your own leisure.

The first snapshot that I picked for this post is quite accurate. Not many drivers like to stop when you are about to pass a zebra crossing. My piece of advise: Never just walk across a pedestrian crossing without seeing some sort of approval from an approaching driver. The majority does not stop but rather takes up more speed to pass the crossing quicker.

I picked picture number two as it shows the cuteness that is added to so much here in Japan. The women in the picture is wondering what she should have for dinner. The car shows some sort of distress as it is concerned about the driver being distracted – only my guess.


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