memory archive – a short recap


As today’s contribution to my ‘decluttering project’ has merely been to finish off the recent filing session, I decided to recap on my progress rather than boring anyone with further thoughts on the act of filing. 

So, has my self-appointed task had an effect on me yet? Is disposing a memorable item per day helpful in achieving a more simple and peaceful home?

A little, I feel. The main, common areas seem tidier and it has become easier to part from previously relevant items. It puts my mind at ease that there is a photo and story archived for each, something that I was hoping for by setting up the memory archive. At the risk of sounding a little cheesy, I can also feel how the process is helping me to free up my mind.

As per the objects that I’ve been adding to the site, it’s become obvious that the majority of these are either related to my life in Japan or to raising children. It is easier to say good-bye to items that don’t directly belong to myself. I also noticed that quite a few items that I posted didn’t actually have a particular memory attached to them but rather stood for a topic that I wanted to share; or simply had to go.

I will definitely continue with my project, disposing no longer needed items but keeping its story alive. I might have to find a better ballance though of items to say good-bye to. It’s work in progress…


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