memory archive – day 24


As mentioned in previous posts, our house is slowly filling up with crafts brought back from kindergarten, a Montessori school. I like what the kids do as crafts activities. A lot of wood and other natural, simple materials are used. Often, rather than being just decorative, the crafted item fulfills a certain purpose – it could be a game or musical instrument for instance.

Sometimes the kids also bring back a piece of paper or felt on which they have tried out practical life skills such as sewing or attaching buttons. These specific crafts they are working on require full concentration and focus and my kids are usually very proud when bringing their work home from school and explaining it to me. It obviously took them some time to complete it. The excitement goes quickly though as it is mainly about the achievement of creating the item, rather than using it as a regular toy. I therefore don’t think there is a reason to keep all of it. Instead, I think I’ll add some of the more interesting crafts objects to my memory archive from time to time.

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