memory archive – day 18


I recently went to the Yebisu International Festival for Arts & Alternative Visions (I know, a long name) which is currently taking place at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in Ebisu, Tokyo. The festival featured a lot of video art, which I wasn’t expecting. 

I tend to hold on to the, nicely done, free catalogues and brochures that you usually receive at art festivals and exhibitions – to keep as a memory. Very rarely though do I pick one of these publications up again to flick through it at a later stage. So this time the catalogue and brochure won’t be kept. Instead I will add it to the memory archive to note down the two works of the festival that stuck with me most:

Osoresan (2018) – Natacha Nisic & Daimaru Ken, a video installation about an ‘Itako’, a blind women who became a spiritual medium.

Wonderland (2016) – Erkan Özgen, a video narrated by a deaf-mute Syrian boy from Kobani who communicates by mime the things he was forced to witness when he and his family fled to Turkey.

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