memory archive – day 15

These animal print outs are nearly one year old and they do really need to go. I put them up  in our bathrooms when we were potty training our son. It’s a memory I am not too fond of but it’s an important one as, at the time when we were going through this, it seemed such a big hurdle.

We did it the Montessori way which is based on encouraging the child’s independence when learning to use the potty. You set up a little, self-sufficient corner in the bathroom, an area where the child has everything he needs to go about his business. It’s recommended to make this dedicated area as welcoming as possible and one idea is to put up some pictures that the child is interested in. In our case, water/ice and snow-loving animals were the best choice.

I do like the Montessori approach to potty training, however, for us it took 5 months of constant accidents before we could see real progress. It was a messy bit of work but we got there in the end.

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