memory archive – day 12.1


We have quite a tall fridge. A good place to put unnecessary things onto which (I think) might still be of use at a later stage or carry some emotional value. I found this scented candle there today, covered in dust but still emitting a strong smell of roses. 

I think I received the candle about seven years ago as a gift from a friend. I remember being happy as I perceived a scented candle as something very luxurious then. I lit it only once and not for long. My partner made quite clear from the beginning of our relationship what he thought about scented candles (‘smell pollution’). So the candle was never lit again. However, I couldn’t part with it when moving to Japan. During unpacking it went straight onto the fridge, waiting to be used again in case my partner changed his mind. Today it turned out that I had actually changed my mind.

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