memory archive – day 10.2


For today’s second post I am keeping with the theme ‘sweets’. The picture shows a box of pineapple cakes. The cakes are from Taiwan and we got those as a gift. In Japan, and I believe also in other Asian countries, it is incredibly common to give and receive gift boxes like these. To say thank you for a favour, a job well-done, to bring back as a souvenir (‘omiyage’) when you’ve been travelling etc. 

Over the past three years we’ve given and received many beautiful boxes like this one. The packaging is always so pretty that I am holding on to the boxes, thinking I will reuse them. I sometimes do but mostly the used boxes just end up on the ‘beautiful box pile’ where they are slowly collecting dust.

As per the content of the box, the pineapple cakes were delicious and similar to the cakes that this beautiful and quiet café in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo sells.

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