memory archive – day 10.1


There is a certain shelf in one of the kitchen cupboards that I am trying to ignore as much as possible. It’s the snack shelf and it is a complete mess. The reason for this are the piles of cheap sweets that occupy the shelf, burrowing most if not all of the more reasonable snacks. 

Those sweets have taken over the control of the said shelf. Once in a while I’m attempting to organise it but mostly this only ends up in me reshuffling the sweets from one small box to another or trying to turn a messy pile into a straight one.

The sweets have been collected by my kids at various events, mainly Halloween (which is huge in the part of Tokyo where we live) and birthday parties. I am not planning to give any of it to the kids. Sounds mean but they are actually never really asking for those. They seem just content with the act of gathering as many sweets as possible, like little trophies.

By the way, the picture I’ve taken for the memory archive only shows a fraction of the sweets we’ve gathered.

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