memory archive – day 9.2


This is a hot water bottle which is at least 15 years old. You can’t see it in the picture but the material is porous and there are small openings everywhere. My partner thinks this item shouldn’t be included in the memory archive as it’s being dumped due to old age. It also nearly got him seriously injured yesterday when I thought I’m doing something good by pre-warming the bed. That’s how we found out about its state actually.

I didn’t photograph it but the hot water bottle came with a nice and fluffy cover. It was a present from a dear friend and the only hot water bottle I ever owned in my adult life. I always liked it so there was never a reason to replace it with something new. Owning just one piece of a necessary item seems enough to me. What I learned yesterday – when the bed was suddenly drenched in boiling hot water – is that there are certain items which, as much as you like them, actually have to be re-newed once in a while. Time to find out what the Japanese hot water bottle market has to offer.

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