memory archive – day 8


This is a fancy Japanese humidifier and a perfect object to explain my resistance of getting rid of no longer needed items. 

I got this one second hand but, since it is Japanese, I was sure it would work for many more years to come. Humidifiers are huge in the wintertime here in Japan. That’s due to the extremely dry climate of the cold season. You see them everywhere. During our first winter I was wondering what the fuss is all about. Most humidifiers are quite big and ugly so I didn’t feel the need to put one in our house. It was a winter with the family being sick on and off for about 3 months. After this winter and several visits to an ENT specialist I understood the humidifier hype. The following year we owned four. Including the one in the picture which I loved due to its very simple, ufo-like design. After a year it broke down though and went into storage, where it stayed for another year. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fix it but it was too difficult to feed such a nice item to the garbage truck.

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