memory archive – day 7


This memory is yet about another living thing that we didn’t manage to keep alive for long. 
For the winter holidays we agreed to take care of one of the school hamsters. The kids were so excited. We made sure that it was fed the correct food, the cage was cleaned regularly and to keep playing time to the evenings only. We built a hamster playground which turned out quite big. The hamster seemed to enjoy exploring the different cardboard boxes, tunnels and ‘chopstick’-stairs.

We’d had the hamster for not even two weeks when it suddenly got ill. Waiting for a day to see whether it was just tired, we only decided to take it to a vet the following day. A day too late as it turned out. I’ve been holding off to get rid of the homemade playground, still feeling devastated that we only managed to keep this little creature alive for less than a fortnight.

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