memory archive – day 5


Today I’m getting rid of homemade ‘slush in a bottle’. This bottle has been standing on our patio far too long. The reason why we haven’t gotten rid of it yet is that it’s messy and no one is sure how to dispose it correctly. The story of this item summarised would be something like ‘children’s science experiment gone wrong’.

To keep it short, this should have been a homemade lava lamp that we wanted to create as a science experiment at our daughter’s birthday party. The list of ingredients read: water, oil (lots of), blue food colouring and an Alka Seltzer tablet. Easy!
Only until we realised that it is impossible to find Alka Seltzer in Japan.
So, out of desperation, we took a Japanese bath tablet. And that’s where it went wrong. Rather than creating some beautiful blue bubbles within gently fizzing liquid, the colour turned immediately unrecognisable (another parent called it fittingly ‘snot-coloured’) and the fizz got so strong that not a single party guest had even the faintest idea what this was actually all about.
For anyone who would like to see how it should have looked like click here

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